Scuba Diving in Atlanta!

PADI Open Water Diver Course in Atlanta, Georgia.


You can now become an Open Water Scuba Diver and meet new people in Atlanta with whom you can discover extraordinary places diving. Become a PADI Open Water Scuba Diver and learn how to scuba dive while meeting awesome lifetime friends. The experience can be a lot of fun!  The class takes place in a classroom and pool conveniently located in Woodstock, GA within Metro Atlanta Area. The class utilizes their own Dive Georgia Open Water Quarry in White, GA.


According to Dive Georgia, you can become a Scuba Diver in two weeks by following these 3 easy steps.




Step 1: Check Out Their Shop!

Go to the Dive Georgia shop and meet their phenomenal staff. They will help you get signed up and walk you through the entire process.

Step 2: Check Out Their facilities!

Spend your free time discovering their facilities. Dive Georgia will  provide you with hands on knowledge from professionals while participating in 5 dives in a state of the art pool. The experience provides you with preparation to acquire all the  learning you would need. Dive Georgia works to ensure you have every skill down pat and ready for the Open Water!

Step 3: Congratulate yourself!

Spend a weekend at the water dive resort. At this point you will be ready to do 4 open water dives with an instructor showing proficiency on the skills you learned during your class. Congratulations you will then be a certified PADI Open Water Scuba Diver!


richard c wayne


(Richard C. Wayne, Scuba Diving)